Personalised Haynes Explains The Teenager Manual


Teenagers. We've all been there. But don't you find that the older we get, the more these mysterious creatures start to feel totally and utterly unfathomable to us? Whether it's their mood swings, their personal hygiene, their difficulty to please or even just their dress sense, this Haynes Manual will tell you all that you need to know to figure out that elusive beast: The Teenager.

Haynes Manuals will be familiar to most due to their extensive range of car maintenance guides that were a staple of almost every car owners' bookshelves. Well, with their tongue firmly in their cheeks, the experts at Haynes have turned their no-nonsense style of advice and trouble-shooting towards adolescents instead of automobiles. Now getting them to tidy their bedrooms can be just as easy as replacing a fan belt in a mid-engined family saloon...

Full of advice on such issues as teenager gear changes, jump-starting, the horn, body-kits, accessorising, and modifications, this very technical manual is bound to be appreciated by parents and may possibly even raise an elusive smirk from the very teenagers that it discusses too. But we can't guarantee that last bit. We're not miracle workers, after all.

Featuring the classic Haynes Manual imagery and layout, this guidebook can be personalised with a teenager's name on its front cover and then throughout at the top of each page of the book. You can even add your own dedication on its opening page to turn this into a genuinely thoughtful, funny gift for the parent who needs a helping hand. Or a good chuckle. This would be a perfect and, we imagine, much appreciated gift for any parents going through the teenage stage themselves.

Dimensions (mm) 151 x 202 x 8