Personalised Haynes Explains The Pensioner Manual


Pensionerhood. The time in our lives when we would all benefit from a little maintenance and care to keep us ticking over for many years to come. Not to put too finer point on it, but this is often the stage of life when our original fittings start needing replacement. Whether it's knees, teeth, hips or hair, one's golden years are the time where it can be good to have a thorough service and MOT.

With this in mind, then, where better to start than with a Personalised Haynes Manual all about The Pensioner? Haynes is a name synonymous with car maintenance and repairs so now that they have branched out into people-maintenance, they seem like a familiar starting point. The advice and instructions offered throughout are hilariously technical and irreverently cheeky. For example, inside you'll find advice on familiar pensioner challenges such as rust prevention, cruise control, high mileage, and classics to vintage.

Written in the familiar Haynes technical style, a healthy dollop of tongue-in-cheek nostalgia runs throughout this manual, making it a perfect present for car enthusiasts, mechanics, retirees or brand new pensioners alike. Each manual is personalised with the lucky recipient's name on the cover of the book and then throughout at the top of each page. You can even add a personalised dedication on the opening page of the manual to make this a very special, funny and thoughtful gift for many different occasions, including big milestone birthdays and retirement. After all, which of us wouldn't benefit from an improved maintenance routine?!

Dimensions (mm) 151 x 202 x 8