Personalised Haynes Explains The Baby Manual


What is it about parenthood that reduces you from a confident, able, autonomous grown-up into a zombie-like shadow of your former self ruled by a tiny, screaming creature, suddenly incapable of making the most basic of all decisions? Is it the endless cycle of nappies? Or the vast, crushing, overwhelming sense of responsibility? Or maybe the yawnsleep deprivation? Whatever it is, what new parent wouldn't welcome a step-by-step baby manual of their very own offspring with desperate, clutching, open arms?

You often hear it said that babies don't come with a manual. Well, thanks to Haynes, now they can! Yep, those clever folk behind the iconic vehicle maintenance manuals have now turned their hands to life guides. In this edition, they tackle one of the most joyful, terrifying, confusing and bewildering of all life events: the baby. Featuring help with key parenting challenges, this personalised manual contains advice on issues such as routine baby maintenance, transportation, night-time storage, production and delivery, identifying leaks, emission control and oil changes. Yep, we've got your back.

Written in the same technical style as their famous car maintenance manuals, this Haynes Explains book is delightfully cheeky while also managing to be both funny and genuinely supportive. The book will be personalised with the baby's name on its cover and also at the top of each page throughout the manual for a truly personal, unique feel. You can even add your very own dedication on the opening page of the book to make this a perfect, thoughtful and slightly irreverent gift for new parents, new babies or even baby showers.

Dimensions (mm) 151 x 202 x 8