Personalised Haynes Explains Marriage Manual


Ah, marriage. Wedded bliss. Tying the knot. Life events don't get much bigger! So, imagine if you could have your very own manual to guide you through some of the biggest challenges and pitfalls that you and your beloved are likely to encounter. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Wrong! Those lovely people at Haynes have stuffed this personalised marriage manual full of hints, tips and advice. Wait! we hear you cry. Haynes? Those people who used to write the technical car manuals? That's right, dear reader! This marriage manual's advice definitely verges on the, um, technical. Containing solutions and advice to deal with perennial issues such as spare tyres, pillow torque, routine maintenance and handling, what marriage wouldn't benefit from a technical tune-up and some regular maintenance?

As you might have guessed, this personalised Haynes manual has its tongue firmly in its cheek and is a cheeky and irreverent gift for newlyweds, on an engagement, or as a special anniversary present alike. Based on the iconic Haynes manuals, this very special book is likely to be both nostalgic and delightfully retro. It would also be perfect for car enthusiasts and mechanics. The manual is personalised with the couple's name on the book's cover and at the top of each page throughout. You can also add your very own message on the opening page to make this a truly unique gift to be enjoyed and cherished. And who knows? It might just shed some light on the mysterious inner workings of marriage too...

Dimensions (mm) 151 x 202 x 8