Original Birthday Newspaper


Our Original Birthday Newspapers are a piece of history - no photocopies or reproductions - the genuine originals that could have been bought on the day they were printed.

Select any date, and we will delve into the newspaper archives to provide you with an original edition of The Times from that date. If The Times is not available another mainstream newspaper will be selected. (Or email us in advance on info@ohmygift.co.uk to check for you).

Giving a Newspaper as a Gift?

With a range of gift options to keep your original newspaper in pristine condition, please select from our red gift box, premium green gift box or a luxury keepsake gift box for the sturdiest of protection.

  • All boxed presentation options also include a Certificate of Authenticity, personalised with their name, the occasion and a message of your choice.

More About Our Historic Newspapers

For dates before 1966, the front page of The Times newspaper had no headline or pictures as it consisted of notices and advertisements.

The Times newspaper is not available for the following dates:

    • 1926 - 5th April to 13th May (the General Strike; no newspapers printed)
    • 1955 - 23rd March to 20th April (general strike; no newspapers available for this date range)
    • 1971 - 19th to 23rd September (general strike; no newspapers printed)
    • 1972 - 23rd to 27th July (general strike; no newspapers printed)
    • 1975 - 14th November (one day strike; no newspapers printed)
    • 1977 - 4th to 10th March (The Times on strike)
    • 1978 - 17th March (The Times on strike)
    • 1978 - 24th March (The Times on strike)
    • 1978 - 27th to 31st March (The Times on strike)
    • 1978/79 - 1st December 1978 to 13th November 1979 (The Times on strike)
    • 1983 - 26th November (The Times, The Telegraph and The Guardian on strike)
    • 1983 - 28th to 29th November (The Times on strike)

Please note that many newspaper groups do not print on Good Friday or Christmas Day.

Some special date newspapers covering certain events (other than the recipient's birth date!) may also incur additional charges due to their rarity and popularity with historians and collectors. If this is the case we will contact you to discuss the options.