Happy 18th Birthday Teaspoon


18th birthday presents are notoriously difficult - most people want to choose something special which the recipient can cherish, enjoy and treasure for many years to come. The problem is, though, that it's difficult to find a real heirloom present that is neither terribly cheesy nor horrendously overpriced. Well, we think that this beautiful tea spoon is a perfect alternative. Each silver plated teaspoon is a vintage piece, sourced in the UK, and handstamped in Gloucestershire with a 'Happy 18th' message on the spoon's face. Your spoon is a quirky, unusual, one-off present, and it's something that will never be outgrown or go out of fashion. It's a little piece of history and could even become a family heirloom passed down on each new generation's 18th. What a special, thoughtful and meaningful present!

As each spoon is a vintage piece, each will look different to the illustrative pictures here. Signs of previous use may be visible but we think that this just adds to the unique history of every spoon. Stamping is completed by hand and so spacing and positioning will vary slightly too.

Gentle handwashing is all that these spoons like - please avoid dishwashers to keep your spoon looking tiptop! Tissue wrapping, ribbon and a mini charm are included to complete this elegant, classic and very special gift.