Personalised Map Jigsaw Puzzle


Home, Chez Nous, Mi Casa, Our Gaffe - whatever you call it, there's no place quite like it in all the world. You know - that place where you can shut the door on the rest of the world, put on your favourite PJs and just be yourself. This personalised map jigsaw puzzle is the ultimate celebration of your very own special place and is created just for you using the address and postcode of your choice. We even mark your special address with a jigsaw piece in the shape of a little house.

This very special jigsaw is available as a 255 or a 400 piece puzzle and comes with space on the presentation box lid for you to write your own special message.

Home is where the heart is, so why not put a place you love at the heart of a street level map jigsaw puzzle? Your map jigsaw will be completely unique with a distinctive house-shaped centre piece based on the special address in your life.

Simply give us the address and postcode of the property you'd like at the centre of your map puzzle, and choose whether you'd like a 255 or 400 piece jigsaw. The result? An engrossing puzzle that will test your local knowledge to the full!  And if you're buying for a friend, you can handwrite your own personal message in a space on the box lid.

OS Streetview mapping covers all addresses for mainland Great Britain (England, Wales & Scotland)

  • The Ordnance Survey Streetview map base offers named, street-level mapping ideal for urban areas outside London.  If your chosen centre point is in a rural location then we would suggest buying the Ordnance Survey Landranger map jigsaw instead.  If you have a London location in mind then why not look at the Bartholomew London Street map jigsaw
  • Ordnance Survey Streetview mapping covers all of mainland Great Britain (England, Wales & Scotland)
  • Scale 1:12,000
  • Made from 1.5 mm quality Millboard
  • 255-piece assembled size: 36 x 27 cm (approx 14 x 10 inches), covers an area of 2 miles north to south and 2.6 miles east to west
  • 400-piece assembled size: 47 x 32 cm (approx 18 x 12 inches), covers an area of 2.4 miles north to south and 3.5 miles east to west
  • To make this jigsaw puzzle more challenging, and really test your knowledge of the local area around your centre point we have deliberately resisted the temptation to include a guide image with this product.  Start with the central house-shaped whimsy and watch your neighbourhood come to life piece by piece as you build your jigsaw.
  • Includes a free guide print of your map

Size: 36 x 27cm (255 piece), 47 x 32 (400 piece)