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Choosing presents for someone else's home or garden can sometimes feel difficult. Will this fit in? Is it the right colour? Do we share the same tastes? Well, let Oh My Gift put these worries to bed with our range of stunning gifts for the home and the garden. We've gone for a well-balanced mix of classic and contemporary, practical and frivolous, ready-to-go and personalised, so you're sure to find a perfect something to tickle your fancy. Or you might even decide to treat yourself, perhaps...
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Personalised Map Napkins - Mapkins
Personalised Map Jigsaw Puzzle
Personalised Wooden Star Decoration
Personalised Super Large Man Bowl
Watership Down Character Mug (Chunky)
Personalised Fork & Trowel Set
100 Movies Scratch off Bucket List Poster
Personalised Adventurer's Brass Sundial and Compass
Happy 30th Birthday Teaspoon
Personalised Happy Mother's Day Oak Photo Cube
Personalised Carved Wooden Heart Dish
Personalised Hammer
Personalised Silver Plated Vintage Teaspoon
Personalised Fairy Glitter Snow Globe
Personalised A Winter's Night White Lantern
100 Cheeses to Try Bucket List - Scratch Poster
100 Places to Visit Bucket List Scratch Poster
100 Beers Bucket List Scratch Poster
100 Cocktails - Scratch Off Bucket List Poster
Personalised Man Cave Wooden Sign
Personalised Santa Please Stop Here Wooden Sign
100 Things to do after Quarantine Scratch Poster
Personalised Heart-Shaped Map Jigsaw Puzzle
Personalised Boxed Stainless Steel Hip Flask
Personalised Wooden Phone Stand
Happy 40th Birthday Teaspoon
Happy 21st Birthday Teaspoon
Need A Hug Photo Upload Cushion
100 Albums Bucket List Scratch Poster
Personalised Silver Glitter Feather Glass Bauble
100 Dates to Go On Bucket List - Scratch Poster
100 Gins to Try Bucket List - Scratch Poster
Watership Down Character Bone China Mug
Personalised Santa Christmas Chalk Countdown Wooden Sign
100 Video Games for your Bucket List - Scratch Poster
100 Kids Books for your Bucket List - Scratch Poster
121 results