Little people come in all sorts of different sizes - from oh-my-goodness-look-at-their-tiny-fingernails small to how-tall?-are-you-sure-you're-not-an-adult-yet? big. And knowing what kinds of presents to choose for them can sometimes feel like you're taking a shot in the dark. At Oh My Gift, we've worked hard to find a range of off-the-shelf presents that they'll love as well as some very special personalised offerings which will be made-to-measure. And that's one of the lovely things about shopping for young people - that wonder of seeing their name on an item never quite wears off. So putting their name on a well-chosen present can take it from a good gift to an absolutely perfect one. Do you still remember the excitement of finding a pen with your name on it when you were a little'un? Yep, us too. We rest our case.
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The Personalised Peter Rabbit Little Guide to Life Book
Personalised Fairy Tales Book
Personalised Wooden Star Decoration
Watership Down Character Mug (Chunky)
Personalised Companion Bible
Personalised Very Hungry Caterpillar Book
Personalised My Book of Nursery Rhymes
Personalised Magical Tooth Fairy Box
Personalised Disney Cars 3 Book
Personalised Alphabet Board Book
Personalised Fairy Glitter Snow Globe
My 1st Peter Rabbit Plush
Personalised Disney Olaf's Frozen Adventure Book
Personalised Disney Moana Book
Personalised Disney Frozen Book
Personalised Disney Finding Nemo Book
Personalised Disney Princesses: Tales of Bravery Book
Personalised Disney Jungle Book Story
Personalised Colours Board Book
Personalised Baby Name Cloud Oak Photo Keepsake Box
Personalised Pencil Pack
Personalised Silver Plated Vintage Teaspoon
Baby Clay Impressions
Uncirculated Peter Rabbit 50p in a personalised gift box
Watership Down Character Bone China Mug
Silver Stacking Ball Bracelet - Rose Gold Mini Heart
Unicorn Oo Personalised Children's Book
The Golden Key Personalised Children's Book
Personalised Christmas Message Bear
100 Kids Books for your Bucket List - Scratch Poster
Peter Rabbit Guide to Life Plush Toy Gift Set
Personalised Disney Beauty & the Beast Book
Silver Ball Bracelet with Mini Charm
Personalised Colouring Pencils
Personalised Disney Encanto Book
Personalised Nutbrown Hare - big and small sizes
121 results