Happy 60th Birthday Teaspoon


A 60th birthday is always a reason to celebrate, so why not give a truly special gift with this vintage silver plated tea spoon? Handstamped with 'Happy 60th', this elegant, one-off piece makes for a thoughtful, meaningful present for all brand new sexagenarians! Each vintage spoon has been sourced in the UK and the stamping is done by hand in Gloucestershire.

Due to their pre-loved nature, please be aware that your spoon may show signs of use. But hey, don't we all?! Because the spoons are vintage, the style of each spoon is likely to vary and please expect the handle styles to vary from the images provided here. Similarly, as the stamping is done by hand rather than by a faceless machine, the end result may vary slightly in spacing and layout so no two spoons will be identical.

These gorgeous spoons like a nice, gentle hand wash but please do keep them out of the dishwasher in order to preserve their beauty. Tissue paper, a mini charm and ribbon complete the stunning package.