Why Plastic Straws Suck

Why Plastic Straws Suck

It’s fantastic that we are having this debate because it can only lead to progress in the development of a truly sustainable and ecologically sound alternative.  Whilst Macdonalds has recently admitted that it’s switch from plastic straws to unrecyclable paper versions means that these straws have to be thrown in the bin after use, it is at least a discussion and focus on what will work in the future.

In England, it is estimated that annually we use 4.7 billion plastic straws!

The UK Government had already set out its plan to ban the distribution and sale of plastic straws, drinks stirrers and cotton buds to protect our rivers and seas.

So what are the alternatives?

Paper straws which collapse mid sip?

In fact there are a number of great alternatives already available to try:

  1. Metal straws.  Why not get yours engraved with your name so you don’t get your personal straw mixed up with others?!
  2. Wheat straws. This is the stalk left over after wheat grains are harvested. It is a 100% biodegradable product. 
  3. A US company is thinking outside of the box and introducing seaweed straws — that look, feel, and act like plastic
  4. Other plant based options include papaya leaf and bamboo
  5. Glass – little bit nerve wracking to use no doubt, but certainly an option!

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Chris Herbert