What should I give as a Christening Gift?

What should I give as a Christening Gift?

Christening gifts have been given for centuries as part of a ceremony to welcome a child into Christianity. Gifts are usually purchased by the new godparents chosen for the baby.  Have you been given this honour?  How to chose what to buy?!

Silver is traditionally thought to be beneficial for healing, love, and emotions, and is therefore a common theme for gifts. Also, silver was associated with wealth and prosperity due to its value and appearance. Silver christening gifts can therefore be a message that the giver wishes health and success for the child.

Antique silver spoons have become one of the most frequently given gifts over the years, although keepsakes and toys are becoming modern equivalents and are amongst our top 10 Christening Gifts.

Naming ceremonies are relatively new and increasingly popular amongst young couples without a religious affiliation to celebrate the arrival of a new baby (and who needs an excuse for a party?!).  They bring together the friends and family who will be involved with the child to celebrate the child’s safe arrival. Whilst we don’t think gifts are required or essential, if you do want to commemorate a new baby’s naming day celebrations, look at some of our wonderful gifts.

Chris Herbert