The magic of the Tooth Fairy is exciting for children (and adults!)

The magic of the Tooth Fairy is exciting for children (and adults!)

It is often a worrying time for small children when their first teeth become loose and fall out, so in order to turn it into something exciting, we rely on the story of the Tooth Fairy we can turn it into a happy time for them!

Long ago it was usual to bury the child’s tooth in the ground, it was said that this would encourage a new tooth to grow in its place, it would also prevent a wicked witch getting hold of it and putting a curse on them!

In recent times, this evolved into us ‘burying’ the tooth under the child’s pillow, and when the child was asleep the Tooth Fairy would exchange it for a coin. This goes back to Viking times when a tooth fee was paid to children for their little teeth, which were worn as necklaces to give strength in battle.

The wearing of children’s teeth around the neck is markedly less popular today, (although we know some parents who have made necklaces out of their children’s teeth!).  At OMG HQ, we prefer to think that they go to build Fairy Castles in the sky or are scattered in the Heavens and turn into little stars!

Check out our tooth fairy pots CLICK HERE.  When the child awakes they can open the box to find that coins have been left by the Fairies and the tooth has gone… now that’s magic!

Chris Herbert