Jigsaws - the Ultimate Christmas Gift?

Jigsaws - the Ultimate Christmas Gift?

The jigsaw puzzle started life in the 18th century as a Geography educational aid. The first jigsaws were maps.  By the 1930s the cottage garden began to dominate, and is still the favoured style of traditional puzzles.

(No cutesy cottage from us, check out our personalised map jigsaw HERE.)

Jigsaws are a joy at Christmas, the ideal gift, the perfect way to while away hours of stress free time, usually a social occasion but not necessarily. Whist some people love the peaceful solitude of doing a puzzle by themselves, we at OMG HQ have a family tradition of everyone chipping in an hour or two until the puzzle is complete, sometimes in silence, sometimes with great excitement when the ‘missing piece’ is finally found and certainly some triumph upon completion.  Jigsaws come in all sizes, all degrees of difficulty, for all ages, at all prices. Depending on your taste, they can be educational, artistic, funny, challenging, competitive, social and comforting.  Unless of course someone jams a piece with great determination into a space that clearly isn’t correct.  Do you correct them?  Argue over it?  Or just quietly replace the piece when they aren’t looking?!

The map puzzles we sell are unique in that they are custom made around the postcode of your choice.  Our personalised map jigsaw puzzle is the ultimate celebration of your very own special place and is created just for you using the address and postcode of your choice. We even mark your special address with a jigsaw piece in the shape of a little house.  If you are a jigsaw officiano, you will know that this is called a whimsie!

So treat your family to a lo-tech, communal, fun gift this Christmas – literally everyone can join it.  It could almost be seen at the Ultimate Christmas Gift!  Get your kids off their devices and start a family puzzle after that turkey.

Chris Herbert