Is it the end of the road for paper maps?

Is it the end of the road for paper maps?

How many Millennials would be able to show you Denmark, for example, on a map?  Or tell you where the town or city they are travelling to is located?

With the latest incarnation of Google Maps, the user interface is intended to create a more personalized cartographic experience, tailored to a person’s searches and location.  It means that each map search now begins neatly in your specific location, and not at the scale of the city, the nation, or the world.

Unlike a paper map, with Google Maps I don’t have to look up my starting and arrival destinations. Nor do I have to commit to memory the order of places and landmarks along my intended route. The ubiquitous smartphones are simply brilliant in providing immediate intelligence on how to get from A to B, (provided you can work out which way to turn that blue arrow to check the direction you are walking in!)

Here at OMG HQ we find it rather sad that you may miss out on that park, lake, village, view because the satnav is so intent on taking you as quickly as possible to your destination, that you may not even know these places are nearby!  Of course an A3 lump of book on your lap is never going to be as easy as an electronic devise stuck to your dashboard, or if you are hiking for example and using a folded map, you will know that the art of folding them may have often been as challenging as the ability to read them (although we’d say, a lot more fun and interesting!).

Ordnance Survey is planning to end its policy of routinely printing paper maps covering the entire country. Instead, it will offer a service whereby people who do require a paper chart will have to order it, so that it can be printed off specially.

We love personally printed maps, and offer a range of map themed gifts as great ideas for commemorating, and remembering, a special place, be it a wedding, proposal, holiday, first kiss……..

Safe travels!

Chris Herbert