Give the perfect gift for Mothers’ Day

Give the perfect gift for Mothers’ Day

No prior experience or qualifications required; salary is non-financial and hours are non-negotiable; no paid benefits; lifelong tenure.  Who would take a job like that?!

Mums are amazing aren’t they (we?!)? Who else would do your washing, cook you delicious Sunday dinners, pick you up every time you fall, be a constant shoulder to cry on and still fuss and worry about you long after you’ve grown up and left home?

A Mother’s love is a bond to celebrate, whether it’s for your actual mum, a friend who’s just become one, or someone who is ‘like a mum’ to you.  This Mother’s Day is an opportunity to thank these remarkable ladies and treat them to something special.

Whilst in the ‘olden days’ a festival was organised for goddess mothers, (and who isn’t a ‘goddess mother’?!) we think today simply spending time with your mother and expressing your appreciation of all she does for you is perfect.  A gift is just a bonus.

Oh My Gift has picked what we consider the best gifts to buy, in a range of budgets, many customised to make it a truly personalised and thoughtful present.  CLICK here to see our Mother’s Day range.

Here’s to all of the mums out there. May we humbly say that you’re simply the #BESTMUMEVER. Thank you all for everything you do every day.

Chris Herbert