Being Positive to Help Your Child Settle into School

Being Positive to Help Your Child Settle into School

The first day of school is upon us and some families have been dreading its arrival. Not because warm (indeed positively hot!) Summer days filled with swimming and barbecues are dwindling, but because school-related anxieties begin to surface.  Especially for the first timers.

Parents need to stay positive about school and talk to their children.  Tell them they are going to learn to draw and write, sing songs and have play dates if they go to school.  Happiness is king.  Let your children know how much fun school will be and all the new friends they will meet. If a child has an older sibling in school, have the sibling talk to the child about breaktime and all the fun that is had during the school day. If parents express fear or anxiety their children will pick up on this and become afraid and nervous.

Above all this is a very personal experience.  There is no hand book to help your child specifically, everyone is unique from their personality, to their home life and their life experiences to date, however limited their years!  We at OMG are huge believers in instinct and knowing what’s right for your child.  Yes, by all means take guidance, but do what’s in your heart as the best for your child.

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Chris Herbert