What does the cutting of the wedding cake symbolise?

The wedding cake cutting ceremony is a highly anticipated (and photographed) part of the wedding reception. 

It is full of symbolism. … One of the first traditions began in Ancient Rome, where a cake of wheat or barley was broken over the bride’s head to bring good fortune to the couple.  The wedding cake tradition started with a less sugary—but equally sweet—origin. Back in the (Roman) day, marriage ceremonies ended with a scone-like wheat or barley cake broken over the bride’s head for luck and fertility.  During the Middle Ages, couples had high-stacked cakes at their wedding. Tradition said that the newlyweds should kiss over the cake stack and that if they succeeded, they would be blessed with many children.  In modern times, the Cake Cutting has a slightly different symbolism. It has been suggested that today’s cakes with their very stiff icing makes it almost impossible for the bride to cut the cake herself. This is when her new husband stepped in to add some muscle and help cut the cake. The hand of the groom is placed over the hand of the bride when cutting the cake to symbolize his support for her and her promise to take care of him and their family. Furthermore, the fact that couples are encouraged to cut from the bottom tier symbolizes the longevity and continuity of their relationship. Last, but definitely not least, the custom according to which the bride and groom feed each other from the cake symbolizes their commitment to take care of one another.

Saving the Top Tier. Back in the 19th century, couples saved their top tier for the christening of their first child. Today, couples generally wait a longer period of time after their “I dos” before having children, so they’ll save a slice or tier of cake for their first wedding anniversary.

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But of course if you prefer to smash your wedding cake into your partner’s face, go for it…. Just remember it’ll be photographed and recorded for ever!