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  • Why is a bucket list called a bucket list?

    “Bucket list”, or “things to do before you die” is possibly derived from the English idiom - 'to kick the bucket' which means 'to die'. It is used as an informal way or as a slang and it is believed that the idiom comes from method of execution such as hanging...

    We've been researching a 'top 100 things to do before you die' list and have come to the conclusion this is a very personal thing to do!  Some lists mention 'raise a child' or 'buy a house'... whilst possible for some, out of reach for others, so here at OMG HQ we recommend you create your own Bucket List.

    To help you with your journey, we have a fabulous set of Top 100 Bucket List scratch posters, to add a bit of fun along the way!  How many craft beers have your tried, how many cheeses have to tasted.  Take one of our challenges and mark your progress.  These are great gift ideas!

    Click here on Top 100 Bucket List scratch posters to check out the range.

  • Being Positive to Help Your Child Settle into School

    The first day of school is upon us and some families have been dreading its arrival. Not because warm (indeed positively hot!) Summer days filled with swimming and barbecues are dwindling, but because school-related anxieties begin to surface.  Especially for the first timers.

    Parents need to stay positive about school and talk to their children.  Tell them they are going to learn to draw and write, sing songs and have play dates if they go to school.  Happiness is king.  Let your children know how much fun school will be and all the new friends they will meet. If a child has an older sibling in school, have the sibling talk to the child about breaktime and all the fun that is had during the school day. If parents express fear or anxiety their children will pick up on this and become afraid and nervous.

    Above all this is a very personal experience.  There is no hand book to help your child specifically, everyone is unique from their personality, to their home life and their life experiences to date, however limited their years!  We at OMG are huge believers in instinct and knowing what's right for your child.  Yes, by all means take guidance, but do what's in your heart as the best for your child.

    We also love sending kids to school with personalised products!  Not only does this provide a bit of pride and comfort, but also helps to destress that visit to the dreaded 'lost property' cupboard!  Check out our back to school gifts here.

  • The Ten Most Popular Birthday Cake Flavours

    There's nothing worse than cutting into your birthday cake and finding out your family, who's supposed to know you SO well, went with vanilla.  Vanilla is so overrated.  I mean, I'll eat all of it, but still . . .

    A new survey asked people to name the type of cake they would want for their birthday.

    And here are the 10 most popular . . .

    1. Chocolate
    2. Cheesecake
    3. Chocolate chip
    4. Vanilla
    5. Red velvet
    6. Marble
    7. Carrot
    8. Lemon
    9. Coconut
    10. Rainbow

    If the latest series of GBBO has inspired you to pop on a pinny and start baking, check out our great mixing bowl to get you or your friends started!

  • Is it the end of the road for paper maps?

    How many Millennials would be able to show you Denmark, for example, on a map?  Or tell you where the town or city they are travelling to is located?

    With the latest incarnation of Google Maps, the user interface is intended to create a more personalized cartographic experience, tailored to a person's searches and location.  It means that each map search now begins neatly in your specific location, and not at the scale of the city, the nation, or the world.

    Unlike a paper map, with Google Maps I don't have to look up my starting and arrival destinations. Nor do I have to commit to memory the order of places and landmarks along my intended route. The ubiquitous smartphones are simply brilliant in providing immediate intelligence on how to get from A to B, (provided you can work out which way to turn that blue arrow to check the direction you are walking in!)

    Here at OMG HQ we find it rather sad that you may miss out on that park, lake, village, view because the satnav is so intent on taking you as quickly as possible to your destination, that you may not even know these places are nearby!  Of course an A3 lump of book on your lap is never going to be as easy as an electronic devise stuck to your dashboard, or if you are hiking for example and using a folded map, you will know that the art of folding them may have often been as challenging as the ability to read them (although we'd say, a lot more fun and interesting!).

    Ordnance Survey is planning to end its policy of routinely printing paper maps covering the entire country. Instead, it will offer a service whereby people who do require a paper chart will have to order it, so that it can be printed off specially.

    We love personally printed maps, and offer a range of map themed gifts as great ideas for commemorating, and remembering, a special place, be it a wedding, proposal, holiday, first kiss........

    Safe travels!


  • What should I give as a Christening Gift?

    Christening gifts have been given for centuries as part of a ceremony to welcome a child into Christianity. Gifts are usually purchased by the new godparents chosen for the baby.  Have you been given this honour?  How to chose what to buy?!

    Silver is traditionally thought to be beneficial for healing, love, and emotions, and is therefore a common theme for gifts. Also, silver was associated with wealth and prosperity due to its value and appearance. Silver christening gifts can therefore be a message that the giver wishes health and success for the child.

    Antique silver spoons have become one of the most frequently given gifts over the years, although keepsakes and toys are becoming modern equivalents and are amongst our top 10 Christening Gifts.

    Naming ceremonies are relatively new and increasingly popular amongst young couples without a religious affiliation to celebrate the arrival of a new baby (and who needs an excuse for a party?!).  They bring together the friends and family who will be involved with the child to celebrate the child's safe arrival. Whilst we don't think gifts are required or essential, if you do want to commemorate a new baby's naming day celebrations, look at some of our wonderful gifts.


  • Top Best Man Gifts for 2018

    So it’s your wedding day, your best man is prepped and ready.  He organised a great stag do, he got you to the ceremony right on time and he’s ready to pass you that ring like a pro.

    Of course you will want to thank him and all your ushers properly, but how do you choose the best gift for your best man? How much are you supposed to spend on wedding party gifts anyway? (It’s the thought, not the budget) Where can you find unique best man gifts? (Here!) Who can personalize your gifts for you? (Us of course ?!)

    One of the groom’s duties is choosing his best man, as well as the ushers. You no doubt spent time on serious thought about that decision, for let’s face it, you don’t want a blunder on your big day!

    … Think of the duties they’ve agreed to take on! The stag do, welcoming guests, calming the groom, and of course the best man speech. Quite a responsibility!  Plus of course ensuring that he gets on well with the bride-to-be. (Always a good thing!)

    Do you know what? You don’t even just have to have just one best man. If it’s a tricky choice between two, why not just go for both? Having to fit in a second best man speech means that you’ll just have to cut short your best mate’s speech full of humiliating stories. What a shame.

    So how to thank him?

    The groom should present the best man and his ushers with gifts as thanks for their commitment to the Big Day.

    There is nothing more thoughtful than a personalised gift so show that you have spent time considering their contribution.  We have added the top Best Man Gifts into our Wedding Gifts selection to make the choice easier for you.

  • Why Are Unicorns So Popular? ?

    Everyone seems to have gone crazy over unicorns, which got us wondering, how have we ended up in the middle of this unicorn trend?

    Where did it come from and why do people seem to love unicorns so much? Rare and majestic, unicorns are powerful, graceful, and mysterious.

    The unicorn appeared in early Mesopotamian artworks, and it also was referred to in the ancient myths of India and China, and was described as early as 400BC (although - and close your eyes at this point unicorn lovers - it was probably an Indian rhinoceros).

    In July last year the search term 'unicorn' overtook 'mermaid' in popularity on Google for the first time ever, and popularity isn't just with the cute and cuddly, unicorn tattoos are becoming increasingly popular.  If you have a daughter or granddaughter under the age of 18 in your family, you will undoubtedly be very familiar with these mystical creatures!

    Visually appealing, fantastic, and soothingly pastel in colour, what's not to love about the unicorn?

    Fortunately for you, unicorns no longer have to be lured from magical forests by pure maidens, Oh My Gift has a range of products you can personalise for your child (even if they are over 18!).  Check them out HERE.



  • Back to School Gift Guide

    The summer holiday has been had, the school uniforms are bought and before you know it you're heading straight for a new school year.

    Make the return to school a little more bearable with these great back to school gifts, sure to put a spring in their step as they head back to the classroom!

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