The Oh My Gift Story

Howdy! Nice to meet you. We're Oh My Gift - a husband and wife team determined to help you find that perfect present. We all know that choosing gifts can be difficult, daunting and even downright overwhelming so we've hand-selected some of our all-time faves to put the fun back into gifting again. We offer a range of ready-to-go stunners and presents to personalise for that extra-special gift.

Set up in 2016, we are based in sunny Hertfordshire and live with our two young children. Actually, these guys are important to our story because they are the ones that inspired us to give up our day jobs and set up shop together in search of more of that precious family time. Coming from a background in online marketing and e-commerce, He is a guitar-wielding, car-loving computer geek. She is an ex-teaching, word-loving shopping addict with a reputation for finding that perfect gift. Together, we want to bring you a selection of carefully curated offerings that throws out the dross and instead gives you a choice of the best, most thoughtful presents on the market today. We want to make present shopping a pleasure, not a chore; a stroll in the park, rather than a sweaty, tiring marathon; as relaxing as a nice foot rub rather than a Saturday-afternoon-in-the-local-shopping-centre-fighting-your-way-through-the-hords-to-find-a-gift-for-your-Mum-when-really-you'd-rather-be-relaxing-in-the-garden. You get the idea. Now, how can we help?